A sprinkler system can be a convenient and valuable tool when irrigating your landscape. However, if used improperly, it results in substantial amounts of water waste. We recommend our customers use a combination of smart irrigation technology, regular water audits, and water saving irrigation systems such as DRIP systems to reduce water use.

R&S will perform water audits and sprinkler inspections for residents and businesses in Ridgewood, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, and all of Bergen County.

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Smart Irrigation Technology
Smart Controllers and Rain Sensors measure the weather conditions at your home and automatically adjust to the watering times accordingly. This effectively reduces water waste and prevents over watering.

Water Audits
The older your system is, the less likely it is to perform properly, resulting in wasted water and higher bills for you, as well as less water for everyone. We are trained and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors and as such can help you protect both your investment and future costs by performing a complete water audit on your property.

DRIP systems
Unlike traditional irrigation systems, DRIP irrigation will provide water to your plantings at the root level. This means the system will only water where it is needed, no more, no less. This cuts down on water wasted and the loss of water due to evaporation, saving you money for years after the installation is finished.

Rainwater Collection System
By positioning a rain barrel under the roof’s downspout, rainwater can be collected and stored. The water can then be dispensed through a hose connected to the bottom of the barrel. Using rainwater reduces the amount of usable water you need, which decreases demand for treated water, saves money, and helps the environment by reducing storm water runoff. And rainwater is healthier for plants than tap water.

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