Paver Care & Restoration Tips

In addition to proper installation, proper care can guarantee your paver patio, walkway or driveway investment can last a very long time. Regular maintenance prevents damage like weed build up, moss and grime. Inspecting for and repairing low spots, shifting or loose edging helps keep your outdoor paver area looking good.

The following tips can keep your pavers looking great and save you from the hardships and costs of replacing pavers down the road.

1.    You can keep your paver walkway, patio or driveway clean by blowing or sweeping on a regular basis. Once all dust or soil is removed try using soap and water and rinse with a garden hose. This should remove most of the dirt that remained after sweeping thoroughly.


2.     Pressure washing is necessary when dirt, algae and moss has built up on pavers.


3.    Sweep leaves and debris off your paving stones often. If wet leaves or other debris are left for long periods pavers can stain.


4.    If you struggle with a stain on your paver, you can fill a bucket of water with a mild detergent; then apply to a rag, sponge, or wire brush and clean the spot. Be sure to wash the detergent away completely after cleaning. Note that this solution should work with almost any stain, but not oil. In that case, an oil remover will be necessary. Note, severely stained or damaged pavers can be replaced without affecting the stones around it. It only takes a few hours to install paver stones.


5.    Fill cracks between pavers with polymeric sand. When moistened, it hardens and helps hold pavers in place. It also prevents weeds from growing between the bricks.


6.    If  areas have settled or become uneven your pavers can be fixed by removing sections and rebuilding and compacting the underlying base material. Unlike concrete that cracks, pavers are repairable.


7.    Edging holds pavers in place. Replace old plastic or concrete edging with recessed aluminum edging.

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