UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J. (OCTOBER 29, 2015) – Julie Watson, specialty gardener at Midland Park-based R&S Landscaping, recently worked with students at Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy to decorate the grounds for fall and prepare the garden for early spring color.

The boys helped unload the truck and enjoyed testing their strength. The remaining girl acted as the designer for the display and directed where their pieces would belong. The display featured a mix of pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, fall-colored flowers and a scarecrow.

“Because we were working with children at an early age, we wanted the students to understand that individually their contribution matters,” said Robert Schucker, president of R&S Landscaping. “At the same time, when their role was part of a team effort, they were able to create something beautiful that was bigger than themselves.”

Next, R&S included the pre-K students to help prepare a section of the garden for planting. The students cleared the area of plant debris and leaves before each of them had a turn planting their own daffodil bulb. Together, they planted more than 30 bulbs that will gather nutrients from the soil over the winter and then bloom at the first signs of spring in 2016.

“At R&S, we believe it’s never too early to inspire an appreciation for gardening and nature’s beauty,” Schucker said. “In a time when many of these students are already using computers on a daily basis, we believe it’s important to connect them with nature on a personal level. These classes can take pride knowing they had a personal involvement in the beautiful fall and spring color just outside their classrooms.”

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