RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (July 19, 2017) – Summer camp is an enduring time for most children, it provides them with the freedom to make new friends, explore the outside and marvel at the miracles of nature. Learning about the world around them is a great way to attract children to science.

As a way to teach students about how food is grown, R&S Landscaping, the region’s leading environmentally responsible landscaping firm, held a hands on “You Eat Dirt!” workshop on July 19 at Ridgewood Summer Day Camp. Master Gardener Julie Watson and Landscape Designer Joe Young educated over 60 first- and second-grade girls with an interactive lesson about the importance of soil. They discussed the different components of soil, allowed the children to make their own soil mixture, and potted pepper plants, provided by R & S Landscaping, in which the children took home.

“Worm Poop was a hit! We made dirt into nutrient soil for our pepper plants to grow!
We mixed some top soil with compost, worm castings and a pinch of sand and planted sweet peppers with over 60, 1st and 2nd graders! Everyone loved touching the worm castings and breaking up the root systems to help make sure the plant could get to all the nutrients that the soil provides,” stated Watson. “We hope this lesson will set them on a path of understanding and appreciating science and nature.