Paterson, N.J. (April 8, 2017) – Habitat for Humanity is an international, non-governmental nonprofit organization which devotes their time in “Building Hope, Building Lives” one family at a time.  They work in our communities along with volunteers to help bring people together to build affordable homes for families in need.

R&S Landscaping has been inspired to partake in helping building hope for our community.

See statements from our dedicated crew as part of our team building efforts:

“Team R&S met up in Paterson 7:45AM on a Saturday morning April 8th ready to tackle the rigors of the day.  We assisted at a residential building site on Hamilton Street where there was a row of 3 new Habitat houses, all in varying stages of completion. We split into two groups, with one set of people tackling the interior of one site to complete caulking, spackling and painting, and the other group outside working on installing roof drainage pipes. The crew was literally and figuratively in the trenches, wading through ankle-deep mud to lay out and glue the drain pipes and downspouts together in order that everything could be connected to a seepage pit. From the get-go, Habitat were gifted R&S’ unique talents as Rob Schucker coordinated the crew to keep everyone on track and get the job done right. Once all the pipes were connected, the back-filling commenced, with the crews splitting into two groups in order to get finished most quickly – one team with shovels and a wheelbarrow, and the other team with buckets.  After shrugging off the gratuitous break at 10, work continued at a decent clip until the colossal mountain of fill was removed. R&S did a great job and had fun working as a team for a good cause.”

“Had a great day working side by side with my co-workers!  Felt great after getting so much done for a good cause.”