When the warm weather of spring arrives next year, the Ridge School’s Courtyard will boast some of the most beautiful daffodils in Ridgewood. On October 22, R&S Landscaping, the region’s premier environmentally responsible landscaping firm, held a bulb-planting presentation for Ridge School’s first grade Daisy Scout Troop.

Julie Watson, R&S Landscaping’s Lead Specialty Gardener, led the hands-on demonstration taught the girls best way to plant bulbs to ensure that they will bloom into beautiful flowers come spring. R&S Landscaping provided 100 bulbs for the event plus another bulb for each girl to take home, as well as planting instructions.

The troop earned the Rose Petal Badge for participating. This badge is for making the world a better place. According to the girl scouts, the rose is reminiscent of a beautiful flower signifying to always find beauty in the world and try to leave it better than when it was found.

This troop’s is a great example of Ridge Elementary School’s commitment to making Ridgewood a ‘greener’ place to live,” said Robert Schucker, president of R&S Landscaping. “We hope that our bulb planting demonstration can help motivate these students into lifelong stewards of the environment, while also providing the school with an attractive garden of daffodils.”

The Blodgett Family of Ridgewood has dedicated countless hours over the last year to transform the courtyard into a beautiful, functional space. Students will have the opportunity to eat lunch there and harvest vegetables from the new vegetable garden. The bulb-planting demonstration is part of R&S Landscaping’s ongoing effort to educate members of the local community about nature and sustainable living.

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