Deer Damage Control


Tired of your lush greens and colorful blooms becoming deer food?  Try planting some varieties of deer resistant flowering perennials like globe thistle, purple coneflower, butterfly weed, and “Royal Red” butterfly bush.

These plants are pleasing to the eye, but deer can’t stand the taste, so your yard will retain its valuable plants and beauty. Check your local garden center for a selection of these resilient varieties, and keep in mind that they will thrive best when planted in well-drained soil.  

If you’d prefer, R&S can save you the guesswork by choosing and planting the best deer resistant plants for your landscape. Call the experts at 201-301-7882 or Contact Us to request a free estimate.


Got existing plantings you’re looking to protect?  R&S is here to help keep those pesky deer at bay with our Plant Protection & Deer Control service.  Our repellent is an odorless, 100% organic deer repellent and will not damage your plants or pose a threat to other wildlife.  

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