The following lighting maintenance tips are recommended to keep your low-voltage lighting system working efficiently.

  • Re-aim lights that have moved or need relocating due to plant growth.
  • Clean out debris that has collected in well lights.
  • Clean protective glass lenses to ensure that your lights are their brightest.
  • Check all bulbs for looseness and tighten as necessary.
  • Replace burned out bulbs.
  • Adjust timer for the season.
  • Inspect tree/moonlight wiring for excessive tension.
  • Bury any exposed wiring.

Lighting Maintenance Services – Our technician will program lighting transformer(s) for proper operation and daylight savings time; test all lighting circuits and record amperage readings for future reference; activate all lighting circuits, and check each fixture for proper operation; reposition lights as necessary for proper performance; replace any malfunctioning lights, and/or bulbs as needed.

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