We at R & S landscaping take our responsibility to protecting our natural resources very seriously. When planning a landscape project our customers can beautify their landscape using techniques that can benefit the environment and local wildlife. Some techniques will even reduce the cost of home utilities.

Native Plants

A native plant is one that had existed, developed and occurred naturally for many years in our area. They have adjusted to living in unusual environments or under very harsh climates or exceptional soil conditions. These can be trees, flowers, grasses or any other plants. Often these plants require less care, pesticides, and water and are more disease resistant than plants from other parts of the country or world.
Providing a wide range of native plants is the first step in creating a diverse natural habitat for wildlife. A bio-diverse ecosystem reduces the need for pesticides and creates a healthy wildlife habitat essential to outdoor living and a better quality of life for everyone.

Passive Heating and Cooling

Planting appropriate deciduous trees along the south side of your home will provide shade and reduce air conditioning usage. In the winter, they’ll allow the sun’s rays to warm buildings saving heating oil and gas.

Permeable Surfaces

In nature, rainwater percolates into the ground where it falls, slowly making its way through plant roots and soil to the groundwater reservoirs and aquifers, which hold much of our drinking water. In cities and suburban areas, millions of square feet of concrete, asphalt, roofs, and other impermeable surfaces create enormous quantities of stormwater runoff, which can overwhelm natural drainages, over saturate the areas where water does collect, and divert water away from groundwater reservoirs.

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a landscaped, shallow depression that allows rain and water runoff to be collected and seep naturally into the ground. This helps recharge our groundwater supply and prevents water pollution from stormwater runoff. Rain gardens are an important way to make our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live while enhancing ecological health.

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