Plant Bulbs this Fall for Early Spring Color

Are you jealous of your neighbors Spring color or wish you had more early spring cheer in your garden?

Spring Color is all about planning ahead by planting bulbs this fall. The fall season is an optimal time for bulbs to establish for a bright spring color.

There are many types of bulbs that are hardy perennials which multiply and provide years of early spring color when it is most needed in March and April. Bold purple or yellow crocus is known to pop up through snow, while Snow drops (galanthus) and winter aconite (eranthus) will blanket a woodland with a carpet of white or yellow beneath bare shrubs and trees. Daffodils and blue muscari are deer/squirrel resistant and can be planted in masses for drifts of color in the front areas of beds where perennials or annuals will carry on the show for the rest of the season.  Tulips come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be planted in a sequence to last several months.

Larger bulbs such as daffodils and tulips, should be planted in groups of 5-6 per square foot and at a depth equal to three times their height. Water your bulbs when they are newly planted, and when they first come up in the spring.

It is important to apply a balanced fertilizer when green first appears and allow the plant to die down naturally after flowering to replenish its food sources. All bulbs should be planted in the fall at the proper depth in well-drained soils for enjoyment the following spring.  

Season after season we speak to many clients in April and May who lament the fact that they never had a chance to plant bulbs in the fall!

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