Upgrading to New LED Landscape Lighting

With the warmth of the summer keeping residents and their visitors outdoors longer, it’s a good idea to ensure safety once the sun goes down. Upgrading an older Halogen landscape lighting system to LED landscape lighting is a great idea, if you haven’t done so already.

Following are some solid reasons why you should consider making the switch.

1.   Energy Efficiency. If you’re looking to “go green,” LEDs not only use less energy, they emit less heat. By making the switch you may see as much as an 80 percent savings on your energy bill.

2.   Longer Lasting. The lifespan of LED bulbs is about 25,000 hours, or more. Some even last up to 50,000 hours. That amounts to a lifespan of more than three years, running the bulbs 24/7. That’s 25 times more than traditional landscape lights!

3.   LED bulbs are cooler and safer. Since LEDs only burn at about 160F in the core and 70F to 80F on the exterior, lessening the chance of a fire risk. Since they are made from ridged plastic, not glass, it makes them shatter-proof. And even if they do break, LEDs are entirely mercury-free, so no need to worry about exposure to mercury. Nor do you have to fear burning your fingers on a hot bulb. LEDS produce 90 percent less heat than incandescent bulbs

4.   Less maintenance. Since LED bulbs last so long, they won’t have to be replaced every year. And since they are non-toxic, switching to LED eliminates time and cost needed to accommodate proper disposal. That means, not only are LED bulbs safer for home use, but also for the planet. With less frequent changing of bulbs, fewer lightbulbs are going into landfills.

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LED Landscape Lighting


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