Fall-Best Time to Plan for Lawn Seeding & Aeration-

Most people find it counter-intuitive but it’s true. Spring is NOT he best time for seeding. Thats Right.
Late Aug through mid Oct yields the best results for Lawn seeding & Lawn Repair
Most R&S lawn care clients choose annual fall core aeration & slit seeding to strengthen and repair thin areas due to invading crabgrass, weeds, fungus, and compacted soil.
If your lawn is getting thin, or developing spots, making your lawn less than ideal you may want to consider; aeration, seeding & fertilizer combination  as this provides excellent results for a thick lawn.
R&S has an effective 3 Step Repair Process
Step 1 – Core Aeration with a power aerator relieves soil compaction and allows oxygen and water to enter the root system. Aeration removes cores of soil penetrating compacted soil and allows air and nutrients to enter the root zone.
Step 2 – Slit Seeding places seeds directly into the soil. This increases germination and protects the seed. It’s the most effective way to apply seed. Seeding is best performed with a professional slit seeding machine that cuts furrows and drops seed directly into the soil.
Step 3 – Fall Feeding -lawn care professionals recommend fertilizing your lawn in early September, which is the optimal time. Using a balanced fertilizer maximizes the effectiveness of core aeration and slit seeding.

As cooler temperatures are on the way it’s the absolute perfect time of year for lawn repair, seeding and core aeration.

After seeding be sure to water lightly and frequently keeping seeded area moist until seeds germinate.

Normally lawns need about an inch of water each week. If there’s not continued sufficient rainfall, be sure to water 2-3 times a week otherwise your grass may go dormant. Remember that deep and infrequent watering is best. This method promotes longer and stronger roots, reaching further underground for water.

If you’re planting a new lawn or renovating a lawn with problems, September is the time to do it right. Slit seeding & Aeration is an effective way to guarantee a healthy, lush lawn.

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