There is nothing that helps you shed the winter blues like a vibrant burst of colorful blooms in the garden. 

April is the month to start thinking about the types of flowers or “color” you want in your yard in the coming season. We plan in April so we can plant in May, after the last threat of a frost. Timing is key for ensuring the most blooms and healthiest plants because the earlier we plant, the stronger the roots will be. 

For some, this is the time of year they look forward to planting spring flowers to last through the summer.

Annual plants provide a garden with continuous bloom and color throughout the summer. They are typically less expensive than perennials because they only last one season and will need to be replaced. 

First, decide where you would like to plant your colors. Plantings along walkways and in garden beds can welcome visitors to your front door.

Colorful flower pots and containers provide the flexibility to add height and color to decks, stairs, or patios. 

We can help you choose the perfect combination of annuals to compliment your perennials to ensure a cost effective season of beautiful color. We offer free consultations and estimates. Early orders ensure early installations and the maximum time to enjoy your plantings. 

If you are looking for some new and interesting plants to usher in summer, here are a few vibrant choices to brighten any garden view.

Name: Kong Coleus

Growing Conditions: Sun, Partial Shade

Two qualities that make coleus perfect for any garden is the variety of the plant’s size and color. 

The lively color of the leaves sets this annual apart from most plants. Their leaves range from purple to crimson to lime green and everything in between. And combinations of green and purple, red and lime can be particularly stunning. Set against the backdrop of your garden, or standing alone in a pot, coleus colors pop in any location looking from any direction. 

The Kong Coleus generally needs 24″ spacing between each plant. A plethora of branches provide a dense coverage of color. 

Care for these plants is fairly low maintenance. Coleus plants do produce flowers from a stem that grows out of the top of the branch. Some gardeners like the flower and leave it. While others, who prefer to use the plant for foliage, will break off the stem to encourage the health and growth of the leaves.

Name: Latana

Growing Conditions: Full Sun

Lantana’s low-maintenance growth is perfect for the weekend gardener. The plant produces a high volume of vibrant blooms irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Planting one specimen in a container or as mass ground cover or garden filler, this plant will surely amaze. Its drought tolerance makes it attractive to high or sloping elevation. Moist soil that collects water will not support this sun-loving annual. 

Its colors come in orange, pink, red, and white.

Name: New Guinea Sun

Growing Conditions: Sun, Partial Shade

If you adore impatiens and wish you could continue them in the sunnier section of your garden, look no further than New Guinea Impatiens. Their larger leaves and larger blooms (up to 3 inches across) make a statement in the sun. 

These plants can grow 1 to 2 feet tall – taller and more upright than standard impatiens. News plants will easily grow from cuttings. The branches of New Guinea impatiens fill out fuller than the standard version, so pinching back these beauties is not necessary. 

Their colorful bloom rage from red, orange, pink, blue, and white.

Name: Various Herbs

Growing Conditions: Sun

Herbs plants like sage, basil, peppers and cilantro add interest to an arrangement with flowering annuals. Set them apart as an herb garden or herb planter that will be both beautiful and edible! 

Herbs are generally low maintenance. Removing buds early will encourage leaf growth. Harvest your crop before temperatures reach 40 degrees.


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