To the editor:

The Glen Rock Historical & Preservation Society (GRHPS) would like to thank Rob Schucker of R & S Landscaping, for donating and planting a beautiful Amalanchier tree to our new Native Plants Garden at the Main Line Train Station. The Amalanchier – known by many common names, such as Shadblow or Serviceberry – is a native small tree; it has delicate white blossoms in the early spring followed by large purple berries that birds feast on. Native plants are plants that belong here naturally in northern New Jersey; they are healthier options for the ecosystem.

The GRHPS is grateful for the support we are receiving for our goal to beautify the Main Line Station, which is the location of our Museum at the Station. Our Native Plants Garden will take a little while to get fully established, but with the addition of the new Amalanchier, we hope that the public will see the potential for this project and appreciate the wide variety and beauty of plants native to New Jersey.

Sue Tryforos
President, GRHPS

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