RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (July 30, 2015) – Summer camp is one of the best ways for kids to take advantage of summer break and enjoy the outdoors. They are able to connect with friends and nature in a whole new way.

R&S Landscaping, the region’s leading environmentally responsible landscaping firm, recognizes learning about the environment makes an even greater impact when children can interact with nature up close and personal. That’s why they recently held a “How To Attract Butterflies” workshop at Ridgewood Summer Day Camp.

Specialty Gardener Julie Watson captivated approximately 80 first- and second-grade girls with an animated lesson about the best way to create new homes for one of nature’s most beautiful creatures — the butterfly.

As the kids chose their petunia plants and potted them, R&S team members also took time to explain to the children one-on-one exactly how a garden attracts a variety of butterflies through utilizing plants that butterflies can easily perch upon for food, some rest and shelter from the sun. The team also explained the similarities of plants that attract butterflies and the conditions in which they need to grow.

“Our feedback from the kids let us know that they all had a blast. Some were excited to pick their very own flowering plants to begin their garden, and others were more excited for an opportunity to get their hands dirty. In either case, we are happy they could learn about one of nature’s most elegant creatures and their relationship with nature,” stated Watson.