Congratulations to our winners, Jay Cannata of Midland Park and Joh F. Pastore of Allendale, NJ!

These gentlemen have been able to capture the delicate and beautiful details of the garden through the lens of a camera.

First Place – Jay Cannata of Midland Park, NJ

“I have built this pond and stream area from scratch starting around 12 years ago. Now home to many fish, frogs, chipmunks, and a nice variety of birds,” said Cannata.

Second Place – John F. Pastore of Allendale, NJ

“Many years ago, my wife Eleanor began to take up gardening. I was in favor – less lawn to mow, less work for me. Fast forward a decade or so, and now I am hooked too, tending to and enjoying the garden almost every day,” said Pastore.