BOXWOOD BLIGHT – Important Information on a potentially costly disease.

First identified in New Jersey in 2013, Boxwood Blight has become a major landscaping concern. Boxwoods, with their small, waxy, evergreen leaves, are a wildly popular presence in many suburban yards due to their easy maintenance and resistance to deer.  

The fungus that affects boxwoods thrives in warm, moist conditions and can be seen beginning in late May through late September.  Damage occurs rapidly, and in some cases, defoliation occurs within one week of infection.

If your landscape includes any species of the ornamental shrubs called boxwood, pachysandra, or sarcococca, it is important to check for signs of this fungal infection. Signs of contagion include dark spots on leaves, stem lesions, fungal spores, and foliage loss beginning from the bottom of the plant, moving upward.

The bad news is that there is currently no cure for this invasive disease, but immediate treatment and/or removal of infected foliage is imperative in order to stop the spread throughout your yard and your neighborhood.  

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