Plant Health Care

R&S Landscaping provides knowledgeable Plant Health Care technicians to perform monthly monitoring of all your ornamental landscape trees and shrubs. We do not offer blanket (entire property) treatments.

Our technicians consider factors such as time of year, temperature, humidity, and rainfall to determine times when insect or diseases may be active. Then we only apply treatments if plant damage is a possibility. By knowing, using, and monitoring these factors, our experts know the best time to apply or not to apply the necessary treatments.

If and when possible our technicians will use organic based products or set insect traps. Our early spring organic fertilizers are a great way to give your plantings a boost after another rough New Jersey winter. These proven techniques of overall landscape health management have allowed us to limit pesticide applications.

Lawn Health Care

In order to care for a lawn properly and limit chemical applications, Cultural Practices are the key.

  • Recycling grass clippings can give the turf up to one pound of much needed Nitrogen per 1000 square feet
  • Mowing the lawn at a minimum of 3” will help control some weed germination
  • Annual aeration and slit seeding will alleviate compaction and breathe new life into established lawns.

In our effort to limit the use of synthetic lawn care products; R&S offers organic based fertilizers as an option to reduce chemical applications. These four fertilizations (applied in the spring, early summer, late summer, and fall) along with proper cultural practices will offer an option to allow our customers to act proactively based upon their needs and beliefs.

By choosing this program our customers will limit the amount or re entry restrictions needed after pesticide applications. We believe it is very important to allow our customers to have options on how their lawn care is applied.

For a no obligation FREE ESTIMATE for your lawn health care needs, just fill out our short form or give us a call at (201)301-7882