R&S Landscaping offers lawn care services in all of northern Bergen County NJ.

Our annual program maintains the average healthy lawn and is effective in improving stressed lawns. On average, it takes two years to build a healthy lawn. In the first year, we concentrate on bringing current problems under control and improving existing turf.

Fall aeration and slit seeding are a great way to add new life to a struggling lawn, as well as improve healthy lawns.

Soil Testing every 2 years allows us to adjust applications to address your lawn’s specific nutrient needs.

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Insect, Fungus & Weed Control
Our complete annual lawn health care program includes:
  • Fertilizer – 4 properly timed applications throughout the season. Organic and traditional options are available.
  • Insect & Weed Control
  • Aeration for relieving compaction and improving root zones
  • Slit Seeding to add new seed directly into soil for optimal germination
  • Lime for pH adjustment as needed based on a soil test
  • Fungus Control for turf diseases
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