Summer Check Up Tips for Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems protect your landscape investment help eliminate worry about watering your lawn and landscape. Routine maintenance is important for existing sprinklers. With regular upkeep, your system will water your plants & lawn efficiently and last for years and years.

The following tips will help keep your sprinkler system running optimally.

1.    Inspection. Once a month take a few minutes to make sure your sprinkler is working correctly. Turn on each zone and check heads are watering and rotating. Check for signs of leakage.


2.    Check your lawn sprinkler heads. Be sure to clear out the dirt and soil or lawn build up which may restrict your head’s movement.  

3.    Check your shrub and flower bed heads that may be blocked by plant or perennial flower growth. Its normal to have to raise heads in your shrub beds as plants grow year to year.


4.    Be sure your system’s spray pattern is accurate. Keep your sprinkler heads adjusted so that they water your lawn, not the pavement or sidewalk.


5.    Check the water pressure of your system.  


6.    Check the timer. Make sure the timer programming on your sprinkler system is set for optimal run times per zone. If not, you’re either over watering or under watering areas. Rotating heads and mist heads require different run times.


7.    Check your rain sensor is operating and if you have a wireless sensor check that battery and the base unit is receiving a signal. Rain sensors prevent wasteful over watering.

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